PRESS BUTTER SAND is a new concept
in butter sandwich cookies.
The cookies are baked in the "Hasami-yaki"
method to achieve the
best balance of texture and flavor.

They are filled with the perfect combination
of rich butter cream and delicious butter caramel.

Using only the best ingredients
with artisanal flair and focus,

we aim to overturn the concept
of butter sandwich cookies,

allowing our customers to explore
a wide range of pleasant taste sensations.


Baking the cookies
in the “Hasami-yaki”
method not only
removes excessive oil,
but also achieves|
the perfect balance
in texture and flavor.

The "Hasami-yaki "method releases the precise
amount of oil for the perfectly textured cookie.

Our original blend of two types of flour and the
abundant use fresh butter result in a uniquely
rich flavor.

A layer of rich
buttercream and
a layer of smooth
butter caramel.

These cookies sandwich a double-layered
filling featuring a rich butter cream
made with fresh Hokkaido butter
on top and mouth-watering
butter caramel below.
the true flavor of butter

Designed For
Your Maximum

The cookies are shaped like a
box to prevent the soft filling
inside from oozing out.
The striation on the inside of the cookie
effectively holds the filling and also makes
the cookie easy to break off and enjoy.
It is a masterpiece of confectionery design.

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